Design in Print

At Cresign, we use our experience and flair to produce graphic design that gives our clients a competitive edge. Through our experience we can create visually attractive and compelling designs to represent your company in the most appealing manner.

The Consider Suffolk Project

This booklet was designed to assist with the bid to bring the Olympic torch through historical and key areas around beautiful Suffolk. It combines stunning photography with quotes and thoughts from local leaders, school children and members of the public who want to see the Olympic Torch come through their local area.

Showing World magazine

This specialist magazine is dedicated to the world of showing and has a readership of 15,000 per month and has grown in size each edition. We're proud to have helped develop this publication for the last five years and look forward to contributing to it's success for many more.

Alde and Ore Futures

This Environment agency project was designed to appeal to a broad spectrum of the general public. It approached the delicate subject of local coastal erosion along the Norfolk and Suffolk coastline and needed to be clear and informative whilst maintaing a contemporary feel. A set of three booklets were designed to explain in depth the problems created by erosion from the perspective of different areas of the community.