Be seen, be recognised, and be remembered.
You may have the best product or service on the market, but unless you use attractive graphic design and an innovative marketing twist, it may never succeed. Successful design makes a company stand out from the crowd and reinforces the recognition and status of your brand.

The Culture First project

This branding was developed to be representative of a wide spectrum of cultural areas. Culture First are a network who provide the strategic lead for improvement and efficiency in cultural and sports around the east of England. This logo demonstrates movement and agility whilst holding formality in it's form.

Logo design

A well designed, strong logo helps your potential client to immediately recognise your company. Your individual identity is an important tool as it represents your company in the market place as it circulates on publications, business cards, stationary and any promotional items you choose.

Home grown

We recently helped promote these locally produced products for The Seasonal Garden. When a product such as this sits alongside others on a shelf it needs to stand out to the type of customer it is aimed at.
This was achieved by making the logo work closely with the branding to create strong appeal without even opening the jar!